USMLE prep course onlineUSMLE Insider has tailored a unique way of approaching the medical board exam.

USMLE Prep Course Online
Because of the rapidly evolving nature of modern medical science, it becomes essential to have the proper tools to pass the US Medical Licensing Exams (USMLE) and become confident and competent practitioners of medicine.
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Unlike the other USMLE review programs where you are handed vast amount of information to struggle with on your own, we work with you until you get to take your exam. The course material is offered during three weeks of live lecture, but it doesn’t end there. We continue to offer you study support until you are actually ready to take the exam. If you take our course in January and you plan to take your exam in May, our faculty will work with you and prepare you until you become ready in May! The other USMLE programs just offer you the live lecture and then leave you to cope with the material yourself.
When you leave here, you will be tackling our question bank while getting additional tutorials from our faculty. We will continue to offer you support until you reach your “peak” (i.e., the point where certain indicators show that you are in a USMLE passing range and is therefore ready for the exam. When the telltale signs of un-readiness (i.e., poor recall, low retention, low question bank scores, etc.) are evident, we urge the student to postpone the exam, and we keep working with the individual to enhance retention and recall.

Because the faculty who lead the teaching are very familiar with the content and the current trends of the exam, and are often authors of commercial QBanks as well, they can provide first-hand insights into what it takes to breeze through the exam—an insider's perspective that other programs do not offer. You can feel confident knowing that you are getting the best information available because each instructor is a USMLE guru and possesses the tools to make you excel on the exam.

The course is structured on-Systems basis, predominantly. Moreover, certain subjects are also taught separately to give those areas the depth and intensity that they deserve outside the systems module. Examples include Biochemistry, Immunology, and Pharmacology.

The Step 1 course learning materials consist of 38 packets of notes with the following breakdown: Biochemistry (8), Pharmacology (5), Immunology (4), Microbiology (2), Physiology/Pathophysiology/Pathology Organ Systems (16), Anatomy (1), Psychiatry (1), Biostatistics & Ethics (1).

This expertly written notes, which is all that one needs to pass the exam, is captured below in a snapshot. Click to download sample learning material

The USMLE Insider Review Program offers the smallest class sizes available anywhere! The course is restricted to about 10 people per class (in contrast to the other programs that fill classes with over 100 people).

We try to manage each person’s situation differently. By taking the time to get to know each student, the instructor is able to discover each individual’s learning styles and weaknesses. This allows lessons to be delivered in a way that makes the information easier to understand and master. People have different characteristics and academic and exam histories that have to be taken into consideration when giving the utmost preparation. This enables us to promote confidence and belief. The confidence then become infectious and spread throughout the lecture room.

The small class size also allows us to provide each individual with additional tutoring and guidance from the time the course is completed until the person improves enough and goes to take the exam.

The course fee is $3500. It covers the fees for the live lecture course, the notes, and tutorials and guidance from the time the course is completed until the time you actually sit for the exam. You get comprehensive lectures, tutorials and guidance until you get a passing score.

Atlanta, GA: Holiday Inn Express, Atlanta Airport South, Near Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. Lectures are held on the first floor of the Holiday Inn Express, and the students stay there as well. Some people stay in nearby apartments and homes.

Chicago, IL: The Lakeshore Hotel, 4900 South Lakeshore Drive, Overlooking Lake, Michigan and is adjacent to Burnham Park 5 miles away from Downtown Chicago. Lectures are held on the first floor of the Hotel, and the students stay there as well. Some people stay in nearby apartments and homes.

The course is also offered in other cities based on demand in those localities. We have also offered the course in Washington, DC; Parsippany, New Jersey; Miami and Palm Beach, Florida; California; as well as in four foreign countries. It all depends on demand. We cater to student groups in many locations.

The hotel offers USMLE Insider course participants very comfortable King size, Double and Suite accommodation for a rate of $49/night. The rate is payable to the hotel directly at check-out time upon the completion of the course. Once admitted to the course, you would need to make a reservation with a credit card.

Each room features a spacious work area with complimentary access to the Internet along with a microwave and fridge. There is a gym, bar and restaurant on site, along with an indoor and outdoor pools.

We would like to invite you to explore our website and discover how the program can help unlock the key to success for you.